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Southwest Magic Food Program is a proud user of Kid Kare by Minute Menu increases efficiency and compliance for Food Program Sponsors.


Southwest Magic provides you the option of participating on the CACFP Food Program through us.  The state has given us permission to provide their  initial food program training, establish you under  our contract with the state, monitor  your food program service, assist you with your paper work, and provide the reviews and training necessary to stay within the state guide lines for food program participation.  With our  help you will be able to  spend more time tending to your other responsibilities as a child care  provider.  We sponsor over 22 daycares throughout the state of Texas and monitor meals for over 5,000 children each day. We spend many hours each month on  the phone and on location training daycare staff at our centers.

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3 E’s of Healthy Living

Education, Exercise and  Eating Right

Child and Adult Care Food Program

Southwest Magic Food Program Inc shares the vision of The Food and Nutrition Division’s (F&N) mission. Which is to safeguard the health and well-being of all Texans through the 3E’s of Healthy Living—Education, Exercise, and Eating Right. We do this by ensuring nutritionally adequate food is provided, encouraging children and adults to gain a full understanding of the relationships between proper eating and good health, and providing learning experiences designed to result in healthier lifestyle choices.